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About Veronique

Certified Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Holistic Parenting Coach for the Intuitive and Special Needs

As the third-generation practitioner from a French lineage of traditional healers, my journey started at a young age, with my grandmother, who was my first teacher in the mysteries of life. The region where I grew-up in the South of France is called Occitania. It is a region of forests, winds and stone, where natural medicine has been recognized and practiced for a very long time. 

I met my husband in Asia where we lived for several years. Traveling around Asia deepened my interest in History, Religions, Eastern philosophy, Asian arts and cultures. I connected with my roots and capacity as a healer through my children, whose special needs came as special gifts. 
My practice combines Reiki, a Japanese holistic healing system, with the vibrational properties of crystals. It integrates breath-work, sound and guided meditations. It uses intuitive guidance and a deep understanding of the human energy anatomy. It is holistic in its approach, and spiritual in nature.
I keep-up diligently with my own self-practice and training. I believe in continuing education, not just for my own well-being and personal development but also to better serve others. My Reiki lineage includes both the Japanese and Western lineage as my trainings are both in the traditional Japanese system of Reiki as well as its Western modern form as it evolves. I am a student of William Rand, President of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) and of Frans Stiene, founder of the International House of Reiki (IHR).
I work with children and adults, young and older. My classes are individualized to meet students' needs. My passion is to use Reiki as a personal practice for self-care and self-development.
I am a Professional Member of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), Member of the Shibumi International Reiki Association and of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). Some of my certifications can be found on my LinkedIn page
Publications & Translations:
- Reiki News Magazine, Fall 2016, "Wisdom from the Bamboo Forest"  
- French translation of ICRT "Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®" training manual - 2016
- French translation of ICRT "Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master" training manual - 2016 - now available at the ICRT web-store
- French translation of "The Future of Reiki", an article by William Lee Rand published in the Reiki News Magazine Winter 2015.
- Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, Healthy Driven Cancer Fight Newsletter. "Reiki Helps Cancer Patients and Caregivers Find Balance"
- La Nouvelle Lettre Reiki, Printemps 2015, "Enseigner le Reiki aux Personnes Atteintes de Cancer"
- Reiki News Magazine, Winter 2013, "Finding a Higher Calling: Teaching Reiki to Cancer Patients".
Locations where I offer my services:
My own residence in Wilmette, IL
Cancer Wellness Center, Northbrook, IL
Full Bloomed Lotus, Center for Self-Awareness, Wilmette, IL
Mather LifeWays retirement home, Evanston, IL
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, Cancer Center, Elmhurst, IL (2014-2017)
Home-visits available depending on circumstances.